Al Horford Gets Ejected For This Elbow Drop On Matthew Dellavedova

Al Horford took exception to Matthew Dellavedova running into his knees, and hit him with an elbow drop that would make The Rock proud. Horford was assessed a flagrant two foul and ejected from the game, just as the Hawks were showing signs of life in this series.

This is not the first time Dellavedova has been at the center of such a scuffle. He rolled into Kyle Korver’s leg as he was diving for a loose ball, severely spraining Korver’s ankle and ending his season. Against the Chicago Bulls, Dellavedova essentially baited Taj Gibson into falling on him, resulting in Gibson’s ejection.

Whether Dellavedova rolled into Horford’s leg on purpose is besides the point. Horford has to do a better job of keeping his cool.

The Hawks lead the Cavaliers at half, 49-48.

(The Cauldron)