Alex Caruso Got A Flagrant 1 For Flattening Jordan Poole After Poole Shoved Him

Alex Caruso got a little frustrated in the third quarter of Monday night’s game between the Chicago Bulls and the Washington Wizards. While trying to pick Jordan Poole up over the length of the court following a Bulls make, Poole dropped a shoulder into Caruso to create a little bit of separation.

As a result, Caruso went flying backwards and very clearly wanted to get a foul call. That never came as Poole advanced the ball up the floor, which clearly left Caruso frustrated. Unfortunately for Poole, Caruso’s frustration got the best of him, and as he attempted to slither his way into the lane, Caruso came up from behind and laid him out.

Caruso immediately turned around after this and started jawing at a referee, and while the players congregated after this, things never boiled over and got to a point where guys had to be separated with one another. After a review, Caruso got hit with a Flagrant 1 foul.

Poole did ultimately get the last laugh here, as the Wizards were able to walk out of Chicago with a 107-105 win. The former Golden State Warriors guard went for 23 points in 29 minutes of work with five assists and three rebounds.