We Reminisce: Allen Iverson Collects MVP Award, Gives Vince Carter and the Raptors 52 Points

On this day in 2001, Allen Iverson was presented with his NBA MVP Award before Game 5 of his Sixers’ Eastern Conference Semi-Finals series against Vince Carter and the Toronto Raptors. [Check out A.I., White Chocolate and the 20 Best Crossovers in NBA History]

How did the shortest MVP in NBA history follow up his award presentation? By putting 52 points on the VC and the Raps – his second 50-point performance of the series.

Following his first 50-point+ showing, Raptors forward Charles Oakley guaranteed that A.I. wouldn’t get 50 again in the series. Not so much, Charles. Watch Iverson absolutely blister Toronto in this video. He racks up bunches of points on slashes to the cup, pull-ups, step-backs, and knocks down a team-record eight threes. Allen passes 50 points with almost nine minutes to go in the game, and checks out with a little less than five minutes to go with 52. Just incredible.

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