Allen Iverson Heading to Philly for Game 6 against the Boston Celtics. Maybe.

There were plenty of rumors flying early this morning that were confirmed by Philadelphia 76ers CEO Adam Aron a little while ago: Allen Iverson has been officially invited to attend tonight’s Game 6 of the Sixers/Celtics playoff series in Philly. The original plan was apparently to have A.I. take part in a pre-game ceremony, but Aron posted this to his Twitter feed:

“Can confirm Allen invited. To attend, he will need good weather/on-time flight.”

Ahh, yes, isn’t that always the way with A.I.? Speaking from many, many first-hand experiences, just getting Allen to a specific place at a specific time can be a monumental task.

But if he is there on time? And if he addresses an adoring Philly the crowd before the game? It would have this type of effect on the fans:

Get on that plane, Allen. Get on that plane.

(It might even un-see this for me if you do.)

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