Why Allen Iverson Thinks Basketball ‘Ain’t Never Seen Nothing Like’ Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry
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Allen Iverson has heaped praise onto Stephen Curry in the past. Iverson lauded the handles of Curry, saying that he never had the handles the Golden State star possesses (he said the same thing about Cleveland guard Kyrie Irving). Considering that Iverson made a career out of clowning opponents with his dribble, this is really high praise.

But just mentioning Curry’s handles sells short some of the other amazing things he’s capable of doing on the basketball court. It’s getting really difficult to argue that there’s ever been a better shooter; his ability to pass is wildly underrated; and while he’s not the best on-ball defender on earth, his timing and ability to read passing lanes makes him a threat on that side of the ball.

Iverson is aware of all of this, and decided to heap some additional praise on the reigning MVP at a recent Philadelphia 76ers event.

Sure, saying that Curry is unlike anyone we’ve ever seen before is kind of repetitive at this point, but it’s something that can’t be stressed enough. He’s so special that even guys like Iverson – who was considered a breath of fresh air and the kind of player that the league had never seen before – is wowed by what Curry’s capable of doing on a nightly basis.

Maybe one day the league will get to the point where there are a handful of guys who do what Curry does now. But until then, he’ll keep doing silly things on a basketball court that leave legends of the game like Iverson dumbfounded.