Alperen Sengun’s Vicious Dunk Over Zach Collins Got Waived Off By A Charge Call

The Houston Rockets are just 7-17 this season but, after a very slow start, Houston entered Thursday with a 5-5 record in the last ten games. Though the Rockets remain in the midst of an extended rebuilding process, Houston does have considerable talent and an appealing aesthetic, including the intriguing frontcourt talent of Alperen Sengun. In the third quarter of a matchup against the San Antonio Spurs, Sengun decided to take matters into his own hands, dribbling coast to coast and exploding for a poster dunk over Spurs big man Zach Collins.

Sengun was called for an offensive foul and, despite a coach’s challenge from Stephen Silas, the call was upheld. That ignores the “way too cool for an offensive foul” corollary, and this was a tremendous dunk. Unfortunately, Collins seemed to hit his head on the floor and went to the locker room, presumably for further evaluation, but did happily return to start the fourth quarter.

Like many young players on the Rockets, Sengun has defensive challenges, but he began the night shooting almost 56 percent from the floor and averaging 14.9 points and 8.6 rebounds per game. He isn’t necessarily known for highlight-reel dunks, but this one was definitely memorable, and his immediate (and defiant) reaction to seek a review of the charging call added to the fun.