A Champagne-Soaked Alvin Gentry Had A Message For Anthony Davis: ‘We’re Coming Right Back Here’

The Warriors are the 2015 NBA Champions! But one member of their tight-knit group, has already found work elsewhere, even before they hugged the Larry O’Brien trophy and soaked each other with champagne Tuesday night.

Head coach Steve Kerr sayd he “leaned on him the most” this year as a rookie head coach who led his team to the top of the NBA mountain, but Alvin Gentry took a job as the new New Orleans Pelicans coach.

Coincidentally — or ironically, if you’re gonna get all Dave Coulier’s former girlfriend about it — it was Gentry and Kerr’s coordinated Warriors attack that facilitated that stirring comeback in Game 3. That loss may have ultimately cost Monty Williams his job, too, but that’s what happens at this level of basketball. Like life, only the strong, or the well-connected survive.

Anyway, it’s pretty clear Kerr interrupts his First Lieutenant’s missive to his future star, but we’re already looking forward to what Gentry can unleash for the beast known as The Brow.


The fine folks in New Orleans certainly hope so, and maybe Gentry’s Dubs magic will rub off on his future squad on the Bayou?