When Andy Varejao Dunked On JaVale McGee In Practice, Steph And Draymond Went Ballistic

10.09.16 2 years ago 4 Comments

Believe or not, Anderson Varejao and JaVale McGee both currently play for the Golden State Warriors. Varejao, for his part, made the fatal mistake of being traded away from the Cavs against his will just months before they won the championship. McGee, on the other hand, is just desperately trying to stay in the NBA at this point.

They both play center, and it’s still preseason, so they’re battling for playing time, and Varejao seems like he definitely wanted to leave an impression on the coaching staff when he threw down this nasty facial dunk of McGee during a recent scrimmage. A highly underrated part of this particular video appears to be the fact that the two centers are the only ones participating in this particular fast-break.

And just because it’s a training camp practice doesn’t mean the sideline celebrations aren’t in midseason form. Steph Curry, Dramond Green, Shaun Livingston, and new running mate Kevin Durant all went absolutely bonkers.

Poor JaVale just can’t seem to catch a break. It isn’t exactly a #Shaqtin moment, but it certainly doesn’t help when even your own (prospective) teammates are so thoroughly enjoying the fact that you just got posterized during an absolutely meaningless inter-squad scrimmage.

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