Andre Drummond Out-Hulks Hassan Whiteside For The Monstrous One-Handed Jam

12.22.15 3 years ago

Hassan Whiteside is normally the one doing the bullying instead of being its recipient, and that proved the case early in his team’s Tuesday night matchup with the Detroit Pistons. The Miami Heat center scored six points to Andre Drummond’s zero during the pair’s simultaneous first quarter stint, staking his claim as this game’s preeminent goliath.

But the Detroit Pistons star bounced back in a big way from that point forward, helping his team recover from a double-digit deficit and limit Whiteside on both ends of the floor. Even Drummond’s improved play, though, didn’t foretell an utterly dominant post move like this one.

Reminder: Whiteside is 7’0, 265 pounds and has a 7’7 wingspan. Just how much smaller than that does Drummond make him look here? Insane.

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