Andre Drummond Dunks Over “GRAMPS” On Vine Video

Detroit Pistons center and all-around stud of social media flirting Andre Drummond isn’t yet 21, so the silliness of his Twitter feed needs to have some context. The nonsense continued yesterday when Drummond dunked over a grandpa in a new vine video.

Drummond can be seen skying over the geriatric before his friends mug for the camera, with the caption on the tweet: “But that dunk tho… Andres Salinas, JOSH DOMKE and GRAMPS.” The first two names are Drummond’s friends who have appeared in Vine vids and tweets before, but we have no idea who the elderly gentleman might be.

Drummond didn’t just dunk over him, though. He also boosted the old guy’s ego a little bit by playing some defense Pistons fans are probably hoping he never emulates in a game.


Yeah. Andre Drummond is a kind 20-year-old, but he’s still just 20.

The season starts in less than 10 hours.

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