Andre Drummond Had To Dive Into His Pool To Save His Son After Falling In

Being a parent requires a constant baseline of fear that something terrible is going to happen to your child, one that keeps you on your toes at any given moment to spring into action should that happen.

That is especially the case for any parent with a pool and a small child who is not yet a strong swimmer. Andre Drummond learned all about that this week as his son hung out with his feet dangling into the pool with family before falling in, causing the now-Sixers center to spring into action, leaping into the pool to quickly scoop up his son in what was a scary scene at the Drummond household that got caught on a security camera and Drummond posted to his Twitter.

Happily, his son was fine (and smiling immediately after) and Drummond was able to laugh a little bit at how his son just sort of leaned into the pool to the dismay and terror of everyone else.

Drummond’s reaction time here is impressive, as he had his son out of the pool within two seconds of him going face first into it. Hopefully the youngest Drummond will learn from this and be a tad more careful around the edge of the pool, but if not it’s good to know dad is ready and able to jump in and lift him out.