Andre Iguodala Cuff Slam Dunk On Kyle Korver

Andre Iguodala was unbelievable last night against the Chicago Bulls. He had 19 and nine in a 16-point W over Derrick Rose & Co., but that doesn’t begin to tell the whole story.

Philly mauled Chicago, swarming them on defense at every turn, and Iguodala led the way. In all of my years of watching pretty much every game he has ever played in Philly, I’m having trouble recalling many games where Iguodala was this good – he was loose and having fun, doing whatever he wanted to, whenever he wanted to do it.

This clip pretty much sums up the whole game. The Sixers collapse on Rose as he drives to the basket and Elton Brand blocks his shot. That leads to a break where Iguodala makes it his business to put one on his former teammate, Kyle Korver.

I think my favorite part is the look of sad surrender on Korver’s face as he realizes what’s about to happen to him:

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