Andre Roberson Hopes To Return From His Leg Injury For The Thunder By Christmas

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Andre Roberson is trying hard not to give himself a timeline for a return to the Oklahoma City Thunder, but in a recent interview he made it clear he’s shooting for a mid-season comeback.

Roberson has spent a long time away from the court after a brutal leg injury ended his 2017-18 NBA season in January. Roberson slipped and fell against the Detroit Pistons, rupturing his left patellar tendon. No one expects Roberson to be ready for the start of the next season, but he’s been working hard to get back into playing shape after major surgery.

Roberson spoke to Fox 29 San Antonio last week about a variety of topics, including what Russell Westbrook is like off the court and what he thought of Carmelo Anthony’s departure from the Thunder. But the most important update came at the end when Roberson spoke about his recovery and a potential timetable for his return to the floor.

Though he was careful not to make any guarantees, it’s clear that Roberson has a Christmas Day matchup with the Houston Rockets on his mind.

“I’m not really putting a particular timeline on it but I want to come back to myself somewhere in, like, December. It would be great if it happened before Christmas. That would be great, but like I said, I’m not putting any timeline on it.”

The most important detail in his recovery, Roberson said, is that he feels like himself on the floor. When he feels as comfortable as he did before the injury, that’s when he will know it’s time to come back. But that’s something he says will take time given his lengthy time away from professional basketball.

“My number one goal is to come back 100 percent healthy and feeling like myself in the past — my movements and my overall feel for the game. Because sitting out a whole year away from a high level of the game basketball is going to be tough in terms of coming back.”

When he does come back it will be to a Thunder team he’s clearly excited about. Keeping Paul George around for another season and getting the chance to play on a team that will compete in the Western Conference is definitely motivation to get back out there, and whether he wants to admit it or not, he seems to be shooting for a return around the holidays.