Even Andre Roberson’s Thunder Teammates Couldn’t Help Roasting Him For Not Tipping Well

07.07.17 2 years ago

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Andre Roberson just can’t catch a break. First he signs a new contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder and gets called out for being a poor tipper. Then he tries to give a shout to his teammates and they join the chorus of people saying he’s a cheapskate.

Roberson was trying to change the subject after he got caught up in a mild tipping scandal earlier in the week. The Thunder small forward had just signed a 3-year, $30 million contract and bought a pricey bottle of booze to celebrate with some friends in Texas. But when the bartender called him out for leaving a $13 dollar tip in a $487 bottle, Roberson got defensive.

The internet’s reaction to this was a mixed bag, but Roberson weathered the storm and changed the subject late Thursday by shouting out his teammates Enes Kanter and Steven Adams.

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