Even Andre Roberson’s Thunder Teammates Couldn’t Help Roasting Him For Not Tipping Well

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Andre Roberson just can’t catch a break. First he signs a new contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder and gets called out for being a poor tipper. Then he tries to give a shout to his teammates and they join the chorus of people saying he’s a cheapskate.

Roberson was trying to change the subject after he got caught up in a mild tipping scandal earlier in the week. The Thunder small forward had just signed a 3-year, $30 million contract and bought a pricey bottle of booze to celebrate with some friends in Texas. But when the bartender called him out for leaving a $13 dollar tip in a $487 bottle, Roberson got defensive.

The internet’s reaction to this was a mixed bag, but Roberson weathered the storm and changed the subject late Thursday by shouting out his teammates Enes Kanter and Steven Adams.


Adams was the first to respond, but it was far from the usual yearbook standard of “stay cool don’t ever change have a great summer.” In fact, Adams seemed more than happy to throw some shade at Roberson for the very story he was trying to pivot from.

Kanter was the next one to respond, saying Adams shouldn’t “do that to him” along with a couple of snake emojis.

It was all in good fun, but it’s nice to see not everyone on the Thunder is bad at tipping. I’m sure this won’t be the last time Roberson hears about this in the locker room or on the road.