Did Andrew Bogut Covertly Call Damian Lillard Dirty? It’s Way More Complicated Than That

03.15.16 2 years ago

During Golden State’s 128-112 win over Portland on Friday night, Andre Iguodala suffered a sprained left ankle. The loss of Iggy is, in the words of head coach Steve Kerr, “a really big deal.” The do-everything former All-Star and 2015 Finals MVP settles their second unit, and there aren’t many players who can defend LeBron, run the offense, and still play third or fourth fiddle in Golden State’s small-ball units. He’s irreplaceable, which might explain why Andrew Bogut was so frustrated after it happened.

Iggy’s sprain occurred after his dribble skittered towards mid-court and Damian Lillard leapt for the ball, inadvertently landing on that left ankle.

MRI tests confirmed the ankle is damaged, and it’s just the sort of nagging injury that could subsist through May and June if Iggy isn’t allowed the proper rest and rehabilitation. With 73 wins staring Golden State firmly in the face, three more contests against the Spurs and the inevitable energy levels of lottery-bound teams trying to salvage their season with a win against the mighty Warriors, it’s a bigger blow than it might seem on the surface.

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