Andrew Bogut Told A Hilarious Story About The Time He Once Tried To Buy Marijuana

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On Friday, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr made significant news in alerting the world to his use of marijuana to combat health problems. Prior to a game on Saturday night against the Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks center and former Warriors big man Andrew Bogut was asked about Kerr’s revelation, and while he actually provided a lot of context behind his thoughts, there was one particular quote that was, well, noteworthy and frankly hilarious.

There is at least some possibility that Bogut was serious about this tale from his youth, but even if he made it up completely (can you imagine this as a real-life scenario?), it was amusing enough to justify a fib.

The candid former No. 1 overall pick did go in-depth concerning his thoughts about the NBA allowing the drug for medicinal reasons. Via ESPN’s Tim MacMahon:

“I’ve never tried it. I don’t know how much it helps, but from what I heard from guys who are retired and have chronic injuries, they say it helps a lot,” Bogut said. “Like I said, you are bringing a big can of worms if you allow it [without restrictions]. If you have open season, you’re going to have guys, I guarantee you’re going to have people playing in a game or practicing high. It’s just the reality of it. You have guys in pro sports playing hungover. You have guys come to practice drunk sometimes. That’s how it is. If you all of the sudden can smoke, although there are a lot of positives to it, the downside is you could possibly have a lot of guys that are not 100 percent in the present. I think that’s why the league is saying what it’s saying. “But as far as it being legal in society, it should be fine to be legal. It’s a plant, it’s an herb, it’s a weed.”

Because the league features several teams that dwell in states where marijuana is legal, the topic continues to pop up as a prime discussion point. Kerr’s comments will certainly be a point of reference for many arguments about marijuana, in either direction, in the coming days.

What is not likely, though, is that any current NBA player will come up with a more amusing reference than what Andrew Bogut put forth here.