Andrew Bynum Says The Lakers Got Embarrassed; John Starks Makes A Hall Of Fame

Let’s thank Andrew Bynum for pointing out the obvious: the Lakers were steamrolled in the playoffs by Dallas because they were tired, mentally and physically, they were overconfident and cocky, they didn’t totally respect the Mavs (who seriously did?) and they felt they could turn it on and off. The three-peat didn’t happen, it ended ugly, and now no one really knows what their future holds. Bynum wants everyone to be more accountable. He called out the whole team, including himself. For the Lakers to get back to the apex, Bynum needs to not only stay healthy, but also mature. With some of the issues he’s had this summer that have called into question how responsible or mature he is, it’s an issue. If it’s going to happen for Bynum, it probably needs to be this year. He needs to take a step so that the Lakers can also take a step. Will it happen? … Dennis Rodman isn’t the only former player getting enshrined somewhere. John Starks, an Oklahoma native, recently got inducted into his state’s hall of fame. NewsOK wrote a piece on his struggles as an amateur trying to make it in the pros. Starks inarguably spent his best, and most memorable years in N.Y. on a squad fit for contention. Watching those teams come up short proved tough in their pivotal 1993-’94 and 1994-’95 campaigns. They had the tools to go far but, between hard losses and flat out choking, fell short. Starks had a knack for chucking but could truly captivate viewers when he caught fire. Let’s not omit his resilience on both ends and eagerness to take big shots, adding an air of showmanship on top of his perseverance. And who could forget his classic poster featuring Horace Grant and none other than Michael Jordan? … John is simply one of those dudes whose numbers and accolades won’t wow you. At the same time, it’s hard to deny his status as a fan favorite when the Knicks had their mid-’90s run. Where does Starks rank in the all-time list of Knicks players? Additionally, are our NYC heads still salty over his ’94 Game 7 performance in the Finals? They say time heals all wounds but diehards have a hard time letting go … 2011’s HOF ceremonies are all said and done. However, we bet more than a few Hoosiers are tight about Reggie Miller not making it on his first ballot. Reggie’s incredible shooting matched flair for theater, and no, we’re not talking about his Oscar-worthy trips to the line. He made the Pacers playoff runs all the more exciting. Heads loved, or loved to hate, his dead-eye bombs, push offs in critical moments, and courtside antics with Spike Lee. Additionally, he meets the Hall’s sheer numbers requirements of crossing the 20,000-point mark, being a five-time All-Star with three All-NBA team selections as well as sitting second ever in three-point shots made. His abilities didn’t run the gamut but his knack for shooting ought to make for a solid base as a first ballot snub. Would you sub out someone from 2011’s class with ‘ol Reg? Or did the voters get it right by leaving him out this time around? … Both Kobe Bryant and Tony Parker have great offers to play in China, and are definitely interested (Kobe’s offer was for around $1.5 million) but as long as the Chinese Basketball Association plans to disallow all NBA opt-out clauses, the chances are slim they can accept … Hamed Haddadi WENT OFF as only Hamed Haddadi can, rumbling his way for 36 points, 18 rebounds and seven blocks as Iran beat Korea 66-59 in the final of the Williams Jones Cup this weekend. He must’ve looked like Kareem, Wilt and Shaq all rolled into one. The NBA’s next monster. Seriously though, who was he really playing against? Does Korea have a bunch of Bugaloo’s on their team? … Apparently, Ty Lawson is another player making the jump, agreeing to a deal with BC Zalgiris, Sonny Weems‘ team, and will play there until the lockout is over … And the USA Men’s World University Games Team is destroying everyone they play in the 2011 World University Games and that continued with a 112-68 win over South Korea. JaMychal Green (17 points), Scoop Jardine (16), Trevor Mbakwe (14), Draymond Green (12), Ashton Gibbs (14) and John Jenkins (12) all scored in double figures … We’re out like Lawson.

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