Dunk Of The Year? Andrew Wiggins Baptizes Omer Asik

Remember Andrew Wiggins’ dunk over Rudy Gobert? It was two weeks ago today, and reverberated through the NBA world like a rung bell in an empty church. It’s easy to see why: Two rising stars of their respective positions met at the mountain top, and one came away with a highlight that will be shown for ages.

What to make of this Wiggins poster on Omer Asik, then? Where will it rank on the rookie’s surely epic dunking pantheon? In terms of facials, it just doesn’t get much better than this.

The truly great finishers have an ability to absorb contract and hang in the air as if they were untouched. Wiggins has frequently shown it in his debut campaign on layups – this one’s from his second career game. But what the Canadian sensation hadn’t exhibited in 2014-2015 is that rare attribute followed by an emphatic jam. Until now, of course.

Wiggins has quietly enjoyed a banner finish to his likely award-winning season. While averaging 24.7 points, 6.0 rebounds, and 4.5 assists in his last six games, the 20 year-old has opened eyes with passing knack mostly unseen all year long. It’s not dissimilar from how he’s begun to draw fouls with ease or emerge as a post-up bully – his development continues in all phases, and begs to wonder where it will go overall.

If this dunk is any indication, the answer is obvious: very, very high.

The desperate New Orleans Pelicans lead the Minnesota Timberwolves 50-35 at intermission.