Anthony Edwards When Asked About Wolves New Owner Alex Rodriguez: ‘I Don’t Know Who That Is’

As the top overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, Anthony Edwards came to the Timberwolves with lofty expectations but the understanding that he might take some time (as all rookies need) to reach his immense potential. On the court, Edwards has steadily improved as he gets more comfortable in the NBA, and for the past two months he is averaging just over 23 points per game on much improved efficiency, and has shown flashes of his tremendous abilities, both in his basketball skills and his natural athleticism.

However, it’s off the court where Edwards has consistently shined, becoming one of the NBA’s best interviews less than a full year into his career. He is brutally honest at all times, which makes him an absolute delight for the Minnesota media, as he doesn’t have it in him to throw out cliches, instead delivering some tremendous quotes with full confidence and honesty. On Tuesday, after the Timberwolves faced the Nets, Edwards had arguably his greatest interview moment when he was asked for his thoughts on new Timberwolves owner Alex Rodriguez — one of baseball’s best players in recent memory.

I love the honesty here. He’s obviously heard that there’s new ownership, but there’s no reason really as a player you would see a couple names you’re not familiar with and go, “I better look these guys up.” As such, if you’ve never watched much baseball or Shark Tank then you’re not going to know much about A-Rod and if he’s buying the team you assume he’s just another super rich guy. For most sports fans, though, this is a very funny answer and one that is a reminder that even elite athletes — and Edwards was an elite football and basketball star growing up — don’t follow every sport the same way many fans do. As such, even A-Rod can be a name someone’s never heard of, and when he buys the basketball team you play for, you don’t even really blink.