Anthony Edwards Eats 21 Bags Of Chester’s Hot Fries Each Week

Anthony Edwards is enjoying another strong season in Minnesota, as the third-year guard has raised his productivity and efficiency once again, averaging 24.7 points, 6.1 rebounds, and 4.5 assists per game on 46.4/37.7/77.4 shooting splits as he’s been the catalyst for the Timberwolves with Karl-Anthony Towns and Rudy Gobert in and out of the lineup.

The 21-year-old Edwards is finding more consistency on the court, and off of it he’s settling into a routine and embracing the lifestyle of a professional athlete. For Edwards, one of the hardest things has been changing his eating habits, as his love of Popeyes and McDonald’s is well known, but he’s tried to kick the fast food habit during the season. While fried foods have been cut back, one thing still has a hold on young Ant from his childhood that he can’t let go of just yet: Chester’s Hot Fries.

In a recent video with GQ in which he discussed his 10 essentials — including a rather adorable interaction with is dog, Ant Jr. — he revealed he eats 21 bags of Hot Fries a week (3 a day), admitting even that might be a conservative estimate.

I’ll say it, that’s an upsetting amount of Hot Fries to consume. I was in high school when the Hot Cheeto craze first hit and I remember the hold it had on us, so I get it, but I will say the clock is ticking on how long Ant’s stomach can hold up to this kind of Hot Fries consumption before he reaches a crossroads. At 21, you can still do this, but at some point the Hot Fries will win. We just don’t want Ant to run into a Paul Pierce moment on behalf of Chester’s.