Paul Pierce Confessed He Got Wheelchaired Out Of An NBA Finals Game To Go To The Bathroom


Paul Pierce is a future Hall of Fame inductee who, along with Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Rajon Rondo, led the Celtics to their first championship since the ’80s in 2008.

Pierce is a legend in Boston and hated in many other cities, but one of the defining moments from that 2008 Finals win over the Lakers was when Pierce went down in the third quarter of Game 1 and had to be carried off the floor. Pierce was carried to the tunnel and wheelchaired back to the locker room, but emerged mere minutes later and returned to the game.

There have long been conspiracy theories about what happened, with a popular one being Pierce desperately had to go to the bathroom. On Wednesday night, Pierce offered a “confession” where he indicated that theory was indeed what really happened, while Jalen Rose continued to poke fun at him.

Now, it’s important to note this could be Pierce playing along with the story, and we can’t rule out that possibility, but I really hope this was a moment where he truly wanted to get that off his chest 11 years later. It only adds to his legend as an all-time NBA heel if he did indeed get wheelchaired to the back for a bathroom emergency, and him admitting to it on live TV is spectacular.

UPDATE: Pierce later took it back on Twitter, but I’m sorry Paul, everyone will now choose to believe you were wheelchaired to the bathroom.