Anthony Edwards Had An Incredible Response To His First Time Playing Stephen Curry

No. 1 overall pick Anthony Edwards has had an up-and-down start to his rookie season in Minnesota, as so often happens with rookies. The young swingman is averaging just north of 12 points per game on some rough efficiency, but the moments where he gets going downhill and plays decisively, you can see the potential oozing out of the 19-year-old from Georgia.

Like every rookie, there’s an adjustment period for Edwards in dealing with the speed of the NBA game, and on Monday night, he got a lesson in the form of seeing Stephen Curry up close and personal for the first time. Curry had 36 points in the Warriors win over the Wolves, and while much of the focus was on the Andrew Wiggins revenge game angle, the Steph explosion in the fourth, in which he rattled off 15 points in two minutes, was eye-opening for the young Edwards, who had a pretty tremendous scrum discussing what it was like seeing Curry in action.

There’s a lot of great stuff from Edwards here, from his “it ain’t fake” remark at the end about playing Steph after watching him on TV, but his astonishment at the way Curry is always moving is something that just about everyone points out when they first have to deal with the two-time MVP. Curry’s movement is what opens up most everything for the Warriors offense, and that gravity, which Edwards mentioned, helps his teammates just as much as those three-point barrages.

Everyone has a different “Welcome to the NBA” moment, which is usually when a top player gives them the business, but things as simple as just seeing how a star like Curry is constantly moving and working, even when off the ball, can also be a lightbulb moment for guys, recognizing all of the things that go into being a great player beyond just what you do with the ball in your hands.