Hassan Whiteside Beat The Brakes Off Antonio Brown In 1-On-1

04.28.17 2 years ago

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Hassan Whiteside is very good at basketball. The 7-footer excelled for the Miami Heat this season, averaging 17.0 points, 2.1 blocks and a league-leading 14.1 rebounds per game and, despite flaws, Whiteside remains one of the NBA’s most intriguing and talented centers. However, Antonio Brown is better at his profession than Hassan Whiteside is.

That is, of course, no slight at Whiteside, as Brown might be the best wide receiver in the NFL today after another wildly productive (106 catches, 1,284 yards, 12 touchdowns) campaign across only 15 games. Still, this information is relevant, at least to an extent, because Whiteside and Brown decided to play a game of 1-on-1 against one another on Thursday.

As you might expect, it appears as if Whiteside was victorious in the match-up and he was able to get the victory despite not visibly trying in any way. It isn’t the definition of a fair fight to see the 5’10 Brown trying to defend an opponent that is more than a foot taller but the Pittsburgh Steelers star was very active and it is clear that he was probably a good basketball player at some point.

The most amusing part of the video, though, is Brown’s effort level when compared to Whiteside’s, as the 7-footer moves effortlessly and without any sort of hiccup when defended by the quicker, smaller Brown. Sometimes, you just have to watch two professional athletes “competing” against one another with joy.

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