Aquille Carr Will Play in the Big East

High school players announce their college commitments almost every day and usually, unless it is one of the nation’s elite, blue-chip prospects, those announcements aren’t big news. Baltimore’s Aquille Carr may not be ranked as the country’s top high school prospect, but his announcement on Friday that he committed to Seton Hall certainly qualifies as a big deal. While we are fans of all ballplayers, few mean as much to Dime as the “Crime Stopper.”

For the cover of Dime #65, we gambled in a big way. With only so many issues on newsstands every year, you have to make each one count. Any time you stray from the bankable, can’t-miss cover subjects – LeBron, Kobe, Derrick Rose – you are taking a real chance with your book, and you better have a good reason to be straying from what works.

It’s no fun for us to recycle the same guys over and over again; we’ve always taken it upon ourselves to educate our readers, to introduce them to the players and the stories that matter. And that’s what we did with Aquille Carr, the most exciting player in all of high school basketball.

We’ve put other high school players on the cover in the past – O.J. Mayo and Tyreke Evans are examples – but never a player just entering his junior year of high school, and certainly never a player under 5-8 with no clear NBA future.

Aquille’s story, his personality, and ultimately, his game, made it a worthwhile gamble for us. Even if Carr never plays in an NBA All-Star game, we are proud to have brought you his story first.

Check out what makes Aquille so special:

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We wish him luck at Seton Hall and we’re sure we’ll be working with him again soon.

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