Austin Rivers Goaded His Dad Doc Into Getting Ejected Against The Rockets

The Rockets-Clippers game in Houston on Wednesday night turned into a slug-fest in the final quarter, as L.A. was able to climb all the way back and briefly take the lead before James Harden came through in the clutch and knocked down several big threes to give his team the 102-93 victory.

Harden finished with 47 points, seven assists, and six rebounds on the night, to go along with seven three-pointers, to continue his historic start to the season, which ranks among the highest-scoring outputs we’ve seen in nearly 40 years. But the game gave us a few other fireworks before all was said and done.

Late in the fourth period, Doc Rivers got angry about a call that didn’t go his way (as he’s sometimes wont to do), and while he was on the court arguing his case demonstrably to the officials, his son Austin was standing nearby lobbying the refs to give his dad a technical. As Doc got angrier and angrier, the refs eventually obliged and tossed him from the game, much to his son’s smug delight.

Not that you needed yet another reminder of just how maniacally competitive everyone in the NBA can be, but living in your dad’s shadow all your life has got to take its toll, so we won’t begrudge Austin for enjoying a petty personal victory over his pops on this night. After the game, Rivers joked that the family’s upcoming Thanksgiving would be a bit more awkward than usual thanks to his celebration of his dad’s ejection.