Babies Born In Akron During The NBA Finals Get Free Tires Because Of LeBron And Steph Curry

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Once again, King James does it for The Land. LeBron James and Stephen Curry are both from Akron, Ohio. They are both very good basketball players. And they will both be responsible for babies receiving brand new tires. Goodyear rolled out a new promotion for newborn babies in the Akron area to honor the two basketball superstars because nothing prepares a newly born human for the rigors of life like a set of brand new tires.

Parents of children born in Akron-area hospitals starting at 12:01 a.m. Thursday through June 19 (the date for Game 7 of the Finals, if it gets that far) will receive, courtesy of Goodyear:

• A set of four tires.

• An “Akron Born” onesie for their child.

• A car seat.

Not to belabor the point, the Akron tire maker calls its promotion a “Most Valuable Ride” care package.

LeBron and Curry are both Akron Born, not to be confused with iron born, because they can actually lead their men to victory. It’s more so a moniker for LeBron, who actually grew up in Akron, than Curry who mostly claims Charlotte as his hometown.

The two Akron natives will face off in their second-consecutive NBA Finals with LeBron trying to capture Cleveland’s first sports title in over 50 years. If LeBron succeeds, there should be plenty of babies to receive free tires.

(Akron Beacon Journal)