You Can Spend Money On This Basketball Training Tool Or You Can Just Wear A Hat And Tape A Piece Of Paper To It

Back in 2018 and 2019, LeBron James started calling out the world of basketball training “frauds.” James would bring attention to weird basketball training tools — stuff like a square ball that claims to make you better at shooting a round ball —and then make fun of them, because they are all very silly.

This is important context in case you see LeBron tweeting about whatever the hell this thing is. You might have seen it going around Twitter, but basically, it’s a thing you put around your head with a hand that goes in front of your face. Do you get it? It’s like a hand in your face. Ha ha.

The product claims to simulate “true game-like situations,” like having a hand two inches away from your nose for every moment of a basketball game, which doesn’t happen. It also claims to help you with shooting over defenders (you could just, you know, have someone/something in front of you while you shoot) and help with “focus, confidence, and muscle memory” (you could just, you know, work on your jumper until it’s at a place where you’re good at it).

If you would like this product, please, do the following: 1. Go grab a hat, 2. Go grab a piece of paper and some tape, 3. Tape that piece of paper to the brim of the hat, 4. Go shoot some hoops. Or don’t do that! Whatever, man.