Bam Adebayo Wants To ‘Change Basketball’ With His Unique Style

After an awesome run through the NBA postseason as he shifted to center for the Miami Heat and unlocked new possibilities for them on both ends, Bam Adebayo is setting his sights higher.

In a media week press conference on Friday, Adebayo was asked about a phenomenon that happens for great players in the league in which other players suddenly want to model their game after the star’s. Surely after the run he just finished in the Bubble, young bigs will be looking to Adebayo for ways to grow their game.

In response, Adebayo gave an interesting answer about the young All-Star’s influence on big man development going forward.

As one of the Heat’s offensive initiators as well as their do-it-all defensive anchor, Adebayo has a hugely important role in Miami on both sides of the ball. There simply aren’t many players who have as much responsibility as he does, and he’s managed to shoulder that load in such a way that Miami was able to make a run to the NBA Finals.

Should more Adebayos spring up, it would certainly represent a sea change in the NBA, but the better bet might be that as others try to copy him, what we really learn about Adebayo is how unique he really is. The big man has few matches in the league, even if some claim to see themselves in him.