Barack Obama Roasts The Knicks In The Promo For His ‘Desus And Mero’ Interview

Barack Obama has been making the rounds doing numerous interviews on late night television and beyond as he promotes his new book, and on Sunday, he’ll be joining the number one show in late night, sitting down with Showtime’s Desus & Mero as their latest (and arguably most) illustrious guest.

On Monday, Showtime offered a teaser of the interview showing the two hosts meeting Obama for the first time for their sit down and the former president came well equipped to riff with them. Obama, a lifelong Bulls fan, opened things by roasting the pair’s skills on the basketball court from their previous efforts in hooping with Corey Booker, and put the dagger in them by proceeding to drag their beloved Knicks into it by saying they are probably still good enough to play for the team in Madison Square Garden.

It’s a pretty tremendous opening that certainly sets the tone for what should be one of Obama’s most light-hearted and fun interviews he does on his book tour, as Desus and Mero react as you’d expect with a bit of shock at Obama coming that hard at them out of the gate and enjoying every moment of it. Desus’ “good luck with your little book” was spectacular and one would expect the rest of the interview will be highly entertaining as well. Just don’t expect the hosts to willingly steer the conversation towards the Knicks too much more after this opening shot fired.