An Up-And-Coming Bay Area Rapper Released A Music Video Called ‘Draymond Green’

05.18.17 11 months ago

Getty Image

For most NBA players, getting mentioned in a rap song is a clear sign that they’ve made it. Sure, they are in the NBA, an actual dream achieved, but when a rapper like Drake mentions their name in a song, that is a special moment. It means that their name will be sung out during concerts, karaoke car rides and in the club.

But while getting a name drop in a song is very dope, if a player gets an entire song devoted to them, that’s another level of prestige. And that’s apparently where Warriors All-Star Draymond Green is thanks to Bay Area rapper Frak.

Rapping about Green for over three minutes, Frak showed his love for the Warriors All-Star in his new song, creatively titled “Draymond Green.”

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