Good Luck Getting This Beatles Parody Honoring Stephen Curry Out Of Your Head

Creating a decent parody video is a difficult art form very few are able to pull off successfully, especially when the original song you’re parodying is from the most famous band from the last 50 years. Perhaps one of the keys is finding a subject to honor rather than ridicule. Such is the case with “Sink A Three” by Youtube user Emerson Hoff, which is a celebration of Stephen Curry set to the tune of “Let It Be” by The Beatles.

“When I find myself in times of worry, Steph Curry comforts me, he will be the answer, Steph Curry
And when the broken-hearted, throughout the league, they all agree. He will be the answer, Steph Curry.
Sink a three, sink a three. Sink a three, sink a three. He will be the answer, Steph Curry.”

Good luck not humming that the rest of the day.

Curry will have to be just as good in Game 5 on Wednesday night as he was in Game 4. Otherwise, the next song uploaded from this particular Warriors fan may be “Yesterday,” when all his troubles seemed so far away.

(Via Next Impulse Sports)