Behind-The-Scenes Of Reebok’s “Game Recognize Game” Photo Shoot With Nerlens Noel

Recently in Los Angeles, we went behind-the-scenes of Reebok‘s new campaign, “Game Recognize Game.” Starring Nerlens Noel, Jason Terry and Isaiah Thomas, the new campaign is centered around combining the old school with the new as Reebok Basketball is bringing back the classic Pump in the Pumpspective Omni.

Check out the Pumpspective Omni, as well as the new Q96, in this behind-the-scenes video where the three NBA players speak on what makes style and how you come up with your own game face. The campaign also marks Noel’s debut with the brand, where his throwback style will fit in perfectly; He will be among the first to debut the Q96 and The Pumpspective this season.

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Hit page 2 for behind-the-scenes images from the photo shoot…

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