Behind The Scenes: Local NYC Kids Visit Dime HQ

A few weeks ago, 20 kids from NYC’s Hoops By The River basketball program visited Dime HQ to learn how to turn a love of hoops into a career. We spoke to the group on how the sport can lead to other opportunities besides just holding out for that elusive NBA contract. For those of you out there looking to go pro in something other than sports, here are some of the key points we delivered to the group:

1. Find a career in something you love to do, whether it’s basketball, music, art, etc., because when you work with something you love, you won’t feel like you are working at all.

2. You are a student first and an athlete second. Even if you do make it to a higher level in any sport, your skills can only get you so far. Your education can take you beyond that.

3. Be proactive about your career path. Look for internships, ask if you can shadow someone for the day to learn about what they do. Opportunities will not just come to you.

Special thanks go out to Above The Rim for setting up the visit.

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