Video: Best In-Game Slams By 2014 Dunk Contest Invitees

The competitors in the 2014 NBA Dunk Contest have been revealed, and there are some well-known names included in this year’s remodeled affair. This year’s contest has already shattered expectations after previous iterations were ignored by the league’s top stars. So lets take a look at some of the best in-game dunks from All-Stars, Paul George, Damian Lillard and John Wall and fellow high-flyers, defending dunk champ Terrence Ross, second-year Warriors wing Harrison Barnes and Kings rookie Ben McLemore.

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Before we show you Paul George’s best dunks, we thought we should pass along this delightfully hyperbolic nugget from George’s teammate Roy Hibbert:



While T-Ross is the defending dunk champ, and dropped a career-high 51 points for the Raptors earlier this season, he’s probably not on many short lists to repeat as champion. But he’s probably the most dogged dunker in the field showing off a sick eastbay dunk a week ago before showcasing his dunk contest training regime yesterday:


Regardless of whether he’s favored, the young man can definitely fly:


Kings rookie Ben McLemore first impressed us with his aerial abilities at the rookie photoshoot, but he didn’t stop there. We’ve seen a number of gorgeous in- and out-of-game jams in just half of his first NBA season.

Click to see the best jams by the final three dunk contest competitors…


John, like Lillard, will be making his All-Star game debut on Sunday. But one of the fastest guys in the league also has some incredible hops. Something to keep in mind when you’re watching next Saturday night: Wall appears almost ambidextrous when he’s in the air as we see him dunk a lot more with his left-hand than with his dominant right. Could be the characteristic that crowns him dunk champ.


Ahhh yes, the 5-event marathon, setting All-Star game history next weekend. While Dame isn’t known for his dunks, as he mentioned in his interview after the announcement, he’ll mess around after practice and get his routine down. And if you’re an Oak-town fan that’s followed Lillard since his high school days, you’re going to be happy:



Barnes was expected to do big things for the Dubs after capably filling for an injured David Lee in last year’s Western Conference semifinals against the Spurs. That hasn’t really happened yet after an early season injury slowed his development a tad. But the kid can still sore, and even rival Blue Devils fans have to acknowledge that:


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