Here Are The Best Videobombs From The 2014-2015 NBA Season

The NBA season is quickly approaching, which means postgame interviews with players dishing out platitudes and clichés will be making their return as well. In recent years, these interviews have been spiced up with videobombs by players or even team staff. During the Miami Heat Big 3 Era, Chris Bosh both pioneered and perfected the postgame videobomb with his outrageous facial expressions and expert timing. Videobombing has become so ubiquitous in the NBA that it’s even featured in NBA 2K16. It’s a phenomenon that’s grown like wildfire, diversifying into several tiers.

In this celebratory video, Kevin Love executes the shark attack method by slowly approaching the interview like a lion hunts a wildebeest, while Klay Thompson gets hit with the liquid surprise that’s become pretty popular in Major League Baseball. Every victim of the liquid surprise always has that brief flash of rage come across their face before they realize they were victimized by a teammate. By far the most popular videobomb method in the NBA is the general distraction behind the player. It must be incredibly difficult for these cameramen to keep a straight face while J.R. Smith does a ridiculous dance in the background or Rudy Gay starts cheesing really hard into the camera.

The greatest videobomb method of them all—when executed properly—has to be the surprise close up. Well done, Lance Stephenson.

Derek Fisher, Lance Stephenson

(via NBA)