These Are The 10 Best NBA Teams That Didn’t Win A Championship

04.19.17 11 months ago 9 Comments

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Among the major North American professional sports, the NBA does easily the best job of determining a “true” champion. By nature of the playoff format that includes multiple seven-game series and the decrease in variance when compared to a sport like baseball, the league does a fantastic job of ironing out which teams are the best and rewarding them as such.

In fact, it is often argued by some sports fans that the NBA is “too predictable” because, well, the best teams usually win.

With that said, there have been some truly great teams that fell short of championship glory through the years and they are often forgotten when compared to those squads who were potentially lesser overall but managed to win the final contest of the year. In this space, we will break down ten teams that are on the (very) short list of “best teams that did not win an NBA title” and, needless to say, there were a few more that deserved real consideration.

Let’s roll through the list.

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