The 5 Best Power Forwards In The 2017 NBA Draft, Ranked

06.14.17 2 years ago 4 Comments

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More than any other position, power forward is being phased out in the NBA. That isn’t to say that many top-flight players aren’t actually operating at the position but the old-school construction of a power forward isn’t around in the same way that it used to be. That is the nature of an NBA that is moving to more four-out offensive systems that employ only one big man and, unless a player can protect the rim defensively or space the floor offensively, it is very tough to play that athlete alongside a “true” center on the floor.

With that in mind, it is somewhat difficult to break down power forwards in the 2017 NBA Draft.

The best player (by a wide margin) is a hybrid that might just be a center prospect if all goes according to plan and the No. 2 guy is certainly a hybrid forward that doesn’t fit the traditional power forward mold. Those examples, among others, should speak to the overall point and, frankly, this list should be taken in conjunction with the breakdown of the top centers in this class.

Putting together a position-by-position list is perilous, but we’ll do our best. With that, here are the best power forwards available, beginning with a list of honorable mentions.

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