Kwame Brown Is Mad Charles Oakley And Stephen Jackson Passed On Him In The BIG3 Draft

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Kwame Brown was one of the many big names selected in the inaugural BIG3 draft.

Brown was taken in the first round with the fifth pick by 3 Headed Monsters, the squad led by Rashard Lewis and Jason Williams. Gary Payton serves as the team’s head coach.

Four players – Rashad McCants, Andre Owens, Reggie Evans, and Xavier Silas – went ahead of the No. 1 pick from the 2001 NBA Draft. Apparently, after this happened, Brown told those in attendance at the draft that he was going to go after a pair of NBA legends who passed on him.

Oakley is the player-coach of Killer 3’s, who had the No. 3 pick and selected Evans. Jackson is one of the team’s co-captains (its other captain, Chauncey Billups, was not in attendance as he’s working for ESPN’s NBA coverage today). Obviously the team had a big need in its frontcourt heading into the draft, and thought Evans was a better fit into what they wanted to do than Brown.

Still, the fact that we have BIG3 beef based on the draft is so good. Brown has apparently gotten himself into good shape – he said he is now gluten free – and seems like he is going to bring that little something extra when 3 Headed Monsters take on Killer 3’s. Can you imagine a rebounding war in which Brown tries to single-handedly fend off Oakley and Evans on the glass? It would be so much fun. And it may happen! Thanks, BIG3.