Bill Burr Calling An NBA Game Is Predictably Hilarious And NSFW

12.18.15 3 years ago 4 Comments

Comedian Bill Burr has been making the promotional circuit recently to push his new animated television series, F Is for Family, which is on Netflix now. But, in addition to doing the typical interviews on late night talk shows and the like, Burr also has also taken the time to give us a taste of what it would sound like if he was an NBA color commentator.

Spoiler: It’s pretty funny, yet also quite racist. Or reverse-racist? Either way, he’s probably not cut out for the PC world of broadcasting.

In Burr’s world of sports commentary, nobody has a name. They are all just “white guy” and “black guy” and, frankly, he thinks his hometown Boston Celtics have too many of the former. Amazingly, Burr’s commentary is only slightly less outrageous than the Celtics’ actual color guy, Tommy Heinsohn, who loves to scream hilarious things nearly just as much.

Anyway, this will probably reaffirm the belief that Burr chose an appropriate career path with comedy, but maybe he should offer an online subscription service to hear him call big sporting events. It’d probably be worth every penny.

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