Bill Walton Casually Revealed That Yes, He Totally Was In ‘Ghostbusters’

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Bill Walton broadcasts are a gift from the sports overlords at ESPN. Walton is an NBA legend, but he’s also an extremely unorthodox broadcaster who offers up some truly bizarre moments. We got another one of those on Thursday night, and it was a case where Walton stated a fact that seemed absolutely impossible to be true.

Oregon hosted Washington on Thursday night, and Walton was on the broadcast with Dave Pasch, who seems to alternate between completely exasperated by and sometimes entertained by Walton. Awful Announcing noted the exchange, which is equal parts amazing, awkward and strangely entertaining television. We begin with a casual mention of Ghostbusters, which is followed by Pasch not believing a word his broadcast partner is saying.

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This continued as, you know, the game kept on going without them.

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“Were you the Stay Puff marshmallow man?” Pasch jokes, to which Walton says “watch what you say.” Walton, in other words, is insisting that he was in one of the most beloved comedy films of all time and somehow the greater public did not notice.

Pasch, who actually does seem to be a pretty good working memory of Ghostbusters, simply cannot handle this anymore. He needs to know, but Walton won’t give him satisfaction here. He says he has to go back and watch the movie for himself.

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So some people did, indeed, go back and try to find him. And find Bill Walton they did. He’s in the film’s credits, as per a Reddit user.

And since the movie is on Netflix, it’s an easy fix here. Walton appears at the 1:39 mark of the movie.


So Pasch is wrong here, and Walton, though not very forthcoming about it, was right. You truly do learn something new every day.