Billy Donovan Asked ESPN’s Adam Schefter For NFL Draft Advice During A Playoff Game

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The Oklahoma City Thunder may have lost a crucial Game 3 on the road Saturday night, but during the ESPN broadcast we learned Thunder Head Coach Coach Billy Donovan is more like us than we already knew. The best part is that it only took one 15 second exchange with ESPN’s Adam Schefter to figure that out.

If you’ve followed Adam Schefter’s career for any length of time, you know that he’s one of the most plugged in news breakers in any sport. If anything, the only person who’s broken more news than Schefter now works in the same building, and that’s Adrian Wojnarowski. On top of breaking NFL news, Schefter has done some moonlighting on the NBA sidelines, adding a nice versatility to the repertoire.

Saturday night, Schefter was on duty in Utah and Billy Donovan took the chance to tap into the well of NFL information that he has during their between quarter interview. Donovan finishes up his interview with Schefter by peppering him with questions about the upcoming NFL Draft, of particular interest for Donovan is the cornerback position for some reason.

Personally, I get why Donovan asked those questions on the sideline. It’s hard to believe that if anyone had unfettered access to Schefter in the middle of April, the NFL Draft wouldn’t be the first 20 questions they’d ask. Information can be power at times, and the power of knowing more than your friends is a beautiful thing to wield over them if you root for the same NFL team.

One can hope that the fun police don’t get involved and chastise Donovan for having a little fun with Schefty for five seconds during an intense playoff game. In fact, there’s an argument to be made that levity would be needed at that point in the game because the pressure might be too much at some point. More importantly, wouldn’t the viewers have loved it if Schefter slipped and broken some major draft news during that part?