Actually, Dikembe Mutombo Didn’t Give Bismack Biyombo Permission To Do The Finger Wag

One of the coolest out-of-nowhere subplots of the surprisingly competitive Eastern Conference Finals has been Bismack Biyombo’s emergence as a rim-protecting monster. After the Raptors’ Game 3 win over the Cavaliers, in which Biyombo had 26 rebounds, he told reporters that Dikembe Mutombo gave him permission to do his legendary finger-wag:

Not so, apparently. Mutombo was cornered by TMZ after Game 4 and said that conversation never took place:

“I don’t know when did that conversation took place,” Mutombo said … “Him and I need to talk this summer.”

“He claim in the newspaper and everywhere he said I gave it to him. I said, Did I gave him? Was it family? Cosign? But you know what, he’s a young man, man, I let him enjoy the fame. He’s making me famous!”

“I will see him in the Congo this summer so him and I will talk back home with nobody around us.”

Okay, then. We’ll see what happens when word gets back to Biyombo.