Blake Griffin’s Camp Is Reportedly ‘Adamant’ He’ll Re-Sign With The Clippers Next Summer

The Los Angeles Clippers are in a tricky spot. They have been a very good team for a few years, thanks primarily to Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. However, despite Doc Rivers constantly churning the bottom of the Clippers’ roster with his pet veteran players, the Clippers haven’t gotten over the hump. They should be good again this year, but the Golden State Warriors just added Kevin Durant, and that puts a serious crimp in the Clippers’ plans. Now, they are facing the potential of losing Griffin to free agency. However, at least Los Angeles can feel a little at ease because Griffin’s camp says he will not be heading anywhere else.

Sources say that Griffin’s camp have been “adamant” that he doesn’t want to go anywhere. Griffin plans on re-signing with the Clippers when he hits free agency, and he does not want to be traded either. Rivers says he believes Griffin will retire as a Clipper, and he has no plans to trade Griffin or Paul.

That’s all well and good, but nobody thought Durant would leave Oklahoma City, or that LeBron would leave the Cavaliers the first time. If Paul were to leave, would Griffin be so adamant about being a Clipper for life? If the Clippers never get him that ring, would he pull a Karl Malone? Right now, it seems like Griffin will be a Clipper for a while, but that doesn’t mean he will be one forever.

(Via Basketball Insiders)