Blake Griffin Compared His Pose On The Rim To Dave Chappelle’s Famous Prince Sketch

Blake Griffin had a bit of fun at Rudy Gobert’s expense by brutally dunking over him. On Wednesday, he doubled down on the fun by recalling a classic Comedy Central sketch about a music legend.

Griffin referenced a classic Chappelle Show sketch about Prince playing basketball against Charlie Murphy. In the sketch, a wig-wearing Dave Chappelle lovingly plays Prince as he balls out over Murphy retelling the story of the time he completely underestimated high school hoops standout Prince Rogers Nelson.

It all started when Griffin threw down a monster jam against the Utah Jazz on Tuesday night.


Many said Griffin’s dunk over Gobert, and the way he hung on the rim long afterward, reminded them of how the sketch’s basketball scene ended. And Griffin clearly agreed, posting a photo of both Griffin and Chappelle/Prince hanging on the rim to his Instagram account on Wednesday.

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game. clippers.

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“Game. Clippers,” Griffin said in the caption, a reference to what Prince apparently said after Charlie Murphy trash talked him before the two played basketball.

Griffin was asked about the dunk in postgame and a reporter compared it to the Prince sketch, which is likely where he got the idea for the Instagram post.

It was pretty great to hear DeAndre Jordan instinctively go “blouses” right there at the podium. I’m sure a few members of the media had no idea what they were talking about, but anyone else who saw the sketch had a good laugh.