Blake Griffin And Marvin The Martian Had An Air Jordan Dunk Contest Inspired By ‘Space Jam’

Space Jam has all over the place lately (because we MAKE IT SO), which is fine by us. Looney Tunes and the NBA are a very silly combination, so it doesn’t require much more to make people smile. That’s why it was smart by Jordan Brand to use Marvin the Martian to help Blake Griffin promote their new shoes, the Super.Fly 4.

From our very own Martin Rickman’s indispensable Space Jam scouting report, we remember that Marvin is supposed to be a referee in the Looney Tunes basketball universe. And it’s entirely possible he lost that job, whether it was from not calling enough fouls or because he accidentally shot Sylvester. Or maybe once the Monstars were out of the way, Marvin felt compelled to resume his role as the evil alien, who also plays basketball.

Blake Griffin (who now looks like a possible costar with LeBron in Space Jam 2 if everything shakes out a certain way) once again asserted that he’s good at dunking and deadpans, which he’s had plenty of practice doing over the years.

I know it’s a dunk contest and all, but you can’t tell me Blake’s last dunk wasn’t a travel. (Travel truthers are real, and they’re spectacular.)