Watch Blake Griffin Freeze Raul Neto With The Incredible Handles

Blake Griffin scored 40 points against the Jazz last night on an unreal 18-of-23 (78.3 percent) shooting night. And he was doing it opposite a pretty robust defender in Derrick Favors. But Blake has turned into one of the most, most well-rounded power forwards in the NBA.

Much has been made about Blake’s improved jump shot, which used to have a weird hitch at the end of it before all of his offseason work smoothed it right out (his free throw stroke still has it). Now he’s almost automatic from 18 feet, and defenses have to scramble when he pops open following a pick for Chris Paul. That gives him more opportunities at the rim, where he’s pretty darn efficient.

But Blake’s handles have gotten equally as dominating and he’s also one of the best passing big men in the NBA. He’s probably the best overall playmaker at his position right now, and never was that more apparent than when he froze Jazz guard Raul Neto during Wednesday night’s game before taking it in for the slam.

Too bad the Clippers wasted Blake’s big night by losing.