The Blazers And Clippers Twitter Accounts Did Battle Sunday, And The Results Were Fantastic

In the last game of Sunday night’s NBA playoff action, the Clippers asserted their will over the Trail Blazers with a dominant 115-95 home win.

While watching Lob City do their thing was fun, the game was largely uncompetitive, so it was up to the teams official Twitter accounts to provide the entertainment. Thankfully, they did not disappoint.

It started when the Blazers had a pretty sour response to the Clippers’ inviting them to a block party, from above. Then this:

With the game out of reach, Chris Kaman and DeAndre Jordan got into a bit of a scuffle in the fourth quarter, leading to some rather hilarious responses from both sides.

The Portland social-media team also took some friendly shots at the Clips after the game despite the loss.

But Los Angeles did have the last word since they won in a blowout.

The highlight of the whole thing though was the Trail Blazers’ account interacting with fans who tweeted at them during the game.

These two were by far the best two tweets of the entire evening.

The Clippers may have won the game, but the Blazers have the edge on Twitter, and isn’t that what really matters in 2016?  Thankfully, we have at least three more games of Portland’s tweets to look forward to.