Boban Marjanovic And The ‘Inside The NBA’ Crew Are A Match Made In Heaven

Postgame interviews with players are rarely must-watch television. Players tend to speak in platitudes and get out of there without saying something inflammatory or coming off as selfish — every single walkoff interview will include some form of “it was a team effort/win” in it. For those that happen via satellite, it’s often awkward with a bit of lag between questions and answers, but on Wednesday we were treated to an all-timer when the Inside The NBA crew dialed up Boban Marjanovic after the Mavericks 127-114 win over the Clippers in Game 2.

What ensued was one of the finest five minute interviews you’ll see on a postgame show, with Boban offering basketball analysis of his role on the team, what he was saying to Kristaps Porzingis after his Game 1 ejection, how in real life he would kick Keanu Reeves’ ass, explaining why he’s so joyful on and off the court — plus a treat for Shaq at the end.

The “You Rang?!” moment was an all-timer and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen Shaq this happy.

Boban has long been a beloved figure in whatever locker room he is in and a fan favorite of those teams, but this offered a glimpse into his delightful personality to the masses. His “thanks for choosing me and not Luka, it’s the first time” line was fantastic and he bounced back and forth between actual basketball topics and goofy topics in such a way that made him the perfect guest for the Inside crew that does the same.

Basically, Boban forever.