This Boris Diaw Portrait Is Made Of 11,750 Push Pins And A Whole Lot Of Dedication

What is dedication, you ask? Dedication is a portrait made of pixels and numerous sweaty hours, similar to an NBA player honing his craft. Dedication is this artful portrait of Boris Diaw, the Spurs galumphing forward, whose delicate game could only be rendered with thousands of tiny points: 11,750 of the finest bounce passes, head fakes, slow spins and corner threes you could imagine.

A Spurs fan from China took 20 days of her life to perfect this version of Mr. Diaw. He’s a metaphor for the push pins here because of how well he does all of the little things to make an offense run smoothly. Diaw’s 11-year career is a testament to that refinement, but not the only one. Now, we have the perfect tribute to the man they call 3D down at the Alamo.

Because thumb tacks are the stuff legends are made of.


Look at his head resting so nicely on the Larry O’Brien trophy. It’s perfectly Spurs-ian.

(Via r/NBA)