Bradley Beal Has ‘No Idea’ Whether He’ll Sign A Supermax With The Wizards This Summer

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It’s been yet another strange year in Washington. Even before John Wall went down with a season-ending injury, the Wizards were under-performing relative to their level of talent.

They’ve been sleepwalking their way through the remainder of the season ever since; that is, everybody except Bradley Beal, who continues to put up big numbers on a nightly basis despite his team’s struggles.

And there’s a good reason for that. Beal is potentially eligible for super-max contract extension this summer, but that’s contingent on him making one of the three All-NBA teams. Beal, of course, is aware of this reality, and while the money obviously is an incentive, he still isn’t sure what he’s going to do.

Via Fred Katz of The Athletic:

“I have no idea. … I try not to (think about it),” he said. “I’m not gonna be naïve to it. I know about it. But … I haven’t even gotten that far, because I need to figure out what we’re gonna do in this offseason, where we’re going, which direction we’re going.”

Beal’s All-NBA selection certainly isn’t a given. With the first two All-NBA team spots likely already sewn up, Beal still has plenty of competition for the last remaining third-team slot at guard. Despite Beal’s impressive numbers — 26 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 5.5 assists per game — that endeavor is complicated even further by the Wizards’ abysmal record.

Still, Beal is healthy and playing well and has said as recently as the All-Star break that he’d like to retire in in Wizards jersey, if possible. But then again, things change quickly in a fickle NBA world where can and, sometimes rightfully, should be dependent on the type of vision and effort that puts people in position to succeed.

(Via The Athletic)